There are lots of ways you can help.


A smile can go a long way, if you pass anyone in the city, whoever they are, smile and say hello. You never know what kind of day someone is having and it might make a difference.


We need a team of volunteers every day at our drop-in centre on Oldham Street in Manchester. The roles include; cooking, sorting collections, giving out hot drinks and food, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, greeting at reception, monitoring the shower list, and sitting down with guests for a brew and a chat!

We also need help behind the scenes with lots of different things like sorting through donations, keeping the food bank organised, sending newsletters and thank yous. Maybe you have a skill that we could use?


Fill in our online volunteer form.

Donate items:

Please look at our Amazon Wish List to see a list of the things we currently need. There are also
some items that we will always use; boxer shorts, socks, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, toiletries and sanitary products.

Donate funds and fundraise;

Total Giving Online Donation and Fundraising pages

We have running costs and the six paid staff (three of which are part-time) are all on the same hourly living wage. We do, however, need funding to pay volunteer expenses, buy guests bus passes so they can attend appointments, support people who are living in fuel poverty (pay gas/electricity bills), and keep the food bank well stocked.

If you specify on your donation we will use it directly to support people who experience homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.

Please donate through our giving fundraising page set up, consider setting up a monthly contribution.

We will also support groups who are wanting to arrange fundraisers for us. We have had great events in the past from sleep-outs to comedy you have a good fundraising idea?


'I enjoy the support we give the homeless, it is such a good feeling when I pass a homeless person and they say "I know you" and it's because I have helped them at street kitchens with Coffee4Craig.' 

Zac, Coffee4Craig Volunteer


'I had the privilege of meeting Risha and Hendrix after collecting some donations. Watching how passionate they are about helping people in need is heartwarming. The whole team do more than just provide food to the vulnerable they give hope and try to build a future. All this with no personal gain no need to claim glory - they just do what they do with modesty and give people hope.'

Ragen, Coffee4Craig donor and supporter


'Starting Coffee4Craig with Hendrix was the only way I could deal with the loss of my younger brother Craig. I had to do something, I couldn't watch other people in this situation without help. I couldn't walk past blindly anymore, neither of us could.

To say Craig would be blown away by what we have achieved is an understatement!!'

Risha Lancaster Coffee4Craig Co-Founder

'Hey just to let you know Tuesday night after you messaged me I went around Manchester, approached any rough sleeper I saw and passed on the info you gave me & the most brilliant thing was 9/10 people I spoke to had already heard/been helped by you guys, but for those who hadn't they were really grateful. a particular fantastic moment was when before I could even finish the words 'Coffee 4 Craig' the two chaps stood up and said 'Coffee 4 Craig, thanks to them I now have a place to sleep tonight and next two nights so thank you SO much!' They stood up shook my hand and I was left feeling so humbled & thought I must pass this on'

Keeley, Member of the public, Manchester